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As a member of Bold New York, I value and perpetuate a forward thinking approach to real estate. I thoroughly enjoy the art of finessing a deal and firmly believe that a successful deal leaves all involved parties better off. Working at a progressive and innovative firm has allowed me to tailor each deal to the specific and respective needs of my client - I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. I pride myself on strong listening skills and pay great attention to details. By empowering my clients to dictate their level of involvement and communication, I am able to create maximum value while ensuring a comfortable and smooth transaction.
When working with buyers, I embrace the challenge of finding a property that truly fulfills my client’s vision. In addition to presenting opportunities, I specialize in sourcing relevant off-market properties - a tactic that has proven immensely beneficial in the present low-inventory environment. Through each step of the process, I work closely with my client and ensure that buying a home is a positive and exciting experience.
When working with sellers, identifying and pursuing the most effective domestic and international marketing strategies is key. Each listing is unique and requires a custom campaign that targets legitimate and qualified buyers. The best part of selling is educating owners of the little things that can be done to greatly increase the value and presentation of their property.
For commercial clients, it is important to be able to find a location and space that reflects the values and culture of the business. Factors like visibility and foot traffic are key components of a successful retail location; however, not all foot traffic is created equal. Working closely with my clients, we conduct demographic research to identify and target the specific groups of people that will patronize their business and allow them to thrive. Whether looking for a flagship location or strategic growth opportunities, I walk my clients through the entire customized process from start to finish. The greatest reward is walking down the street and seeing thriving businesses that I’ve helped cultivate.

Additional biographical info:

-Played tennis for my college
-Hold a degree in Spanish and Music
-Once flew an airplane, from takeoff to landing, while attending college in the state of Kentucky
-Lifeline volunteer at the Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth, worldwide
-Have a twin brother
-Born-and-raised New Yorker from the Upper West Side of Manhattan”

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